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Sweater Gloves {style diy}

I love diy when it involves things you can wear. Plus, with this chilly January  weather, anything to warm my bones up is just about perfect. For this diy, I am all about making yourself some cozy gloves. Oh yes, simply sweet and loving it!

I have a hard time parting with clothes. I still have my spray-painted t-shirt I got from Gatlinburg with the big “Jessie” across the left shoulder and dolphins jumping out of the water. I’ve outgrown it, but it’s sentimental.. so the size small kid’s shirt still hangs in my closet. I hold onto clothes. Big time.

Same goes for this sweater. I’ve had it since eighth grade, and I absolutely can’t stand the way this thing looks on me anymore. I just can’t part with it. So, I’m UP-cycling and turning this ratty old sweater into a pair of mittens. I’m sure to rock out these everyday. Seriously.. I will probably wear these things every. single. day. Watch me.

Here’s our project: Fingerless gloves up-cycled from that no-good sweater..

Let the diy- EXTRAVAGANZA begin!! Are you excited?! Because I am : ) Let’s hop to it!

Step 1: Find the sweater culprit!! You know it, just as well as I do. That thing is hiding in your closet somewhere, the frumpy, unflattering, excuse for a sweater. Pull that thing out from the back of your closet and say sayonara!

Step 2: Unleash the beast (aka scissors) on that thing!! Go crazy! No wait.. just kidding don’t go tooo crazy. We’ve got a mission here. Cut the sleeve length by how long you would like your gloves to be. It’s always nice to give yourself a little extra fabric just in case.

Step 3: Try them on for good measure. Check and make sure that your gloves are even and that they are the length you imagined. Find those thumb holes, and go ahead and cut those puppies out.

Step 4: Grab that embroidery thread and get to it. I like this thread because it’s thicker and better to keep your sweater from unraveling. The good thing about having extra fabric is that if it does unravel after lots of wear, you can just snip and inch off and start all over again. I love things that never wear out. It’s the best.

Stitch across the top of your newly cut sleeve. I can’t sew, so I just attempted the closest thing I know how to do. It worked.

This is what it should look like. I love that the edges are still ruffled up. It makes it look worn in.

Step 5: Try them on!! The best part :) Yay for new accessories for cheap. It’s kinda the bomb.

I hope you all have fun making your cozy gloves for winter time. If you make a pair, send us a picture! You know how we love to see our ladies rockin’ out our diys.

Rockin’ my new fashion in my pjs! Yes… I am only wearing one sock:



fringe wrap=obsessed.

As if the title of this post already didn’t give it away, I’m OBSESSED with our new fringe wrap. It’s so much fun to layer, and I personally have been eyeing everything fringe.

I’ve got a fringe purse, fringe scarf, fringe vest, and now a fringe wrap! Heck yes! Day made.

I think I may have freaked out a little when I first saw it several months ago. Of course it hadn’t been announced yet, but I just knew all our Lenny & Eva ladies would absolutely love it when it was released.

Well, Kellie just announced it on our Facebook page and I was pumped to see it with this picture of Megan & Aaron from our catalog shoot.

If you guys follow our Facebook page ( and if you dont, like us here! ), you also saw that we offer this fringe wrap in three colors..



and mocha!

Ah! I love it! You can wear as a bracelet, a necklace, you can layer it with one sentiment or two.. oh, girl. Don’t even get me started on this one. The possibilities are endless… and so is my love for this piece. Look, I wasn’t kidding when I said obsessed. But then again, you all know me pretty well by now, I believe. So when I say I’m obsessed with an accessory, it’s really no big surprise. I genuinely do fall for pretty things to wear..

Wanna see some more photos?

Yes! As you can see, my obsession is justified.

I’m so excited about you ladies getting your hands on these awesome, boho-perfect pieces!



What’s in for fall: Everything I like? Oh, perfect.

Lately I’ve been reading what’s in for fall, and the results are astonishingly awesome. For reals, give me Navajo print any day and I’m so happy.

If you’re like me, I don’t often go into stores looking for what’s in that season. Sure, I can look it up online all I want. I can research, take notes, and create a memorized list, but when it comes down to it- I get what works. I buy solids, I buy for comfort, I buys what fits. Why? Because I know those are my fail-safes. When I get up in the morning, I’m not a rock-the-runway stora gal… more of a rock-the-sidewalk-in-my-sneaks kinda chick. Like I’ve written before, the stylish fashionista in me is slowly emerging from writing for you guys, but I think everyone’s inner fashion diva is staying true to what works for them and still having fun with it.

On a recent episode of Kendra ( yes, I said it. I’m ridiculously obsessed with reality tv), the style consultant told confused Kendra that fashion isn’t about buying the most expensive clothes, it’s about keeping it fun, fresh, and true to your personality. Thank goodness!

Side note- I wore stilettos to a birthday dinner with my man. Why? Because society says big date nights deserve little black dresses and spike heels. The outcome? Arm candy that definitely doesn’t wear heels. I mean literal arm candy, here folks. I couldn’t walk three paces without wobbling and frightening my fellow. He appreciated the sacrifice of my feet. BUT, you see what I mean?!

Fashion is what’s you. It’s simple. If you can just keep it in the back of your mind on your next wardrobe enhancement excursion (aka SHOPPING!) then you may find yourself with items you truly love and ones that fit the bill for fall/ winter 2011.

I loved loved loved this image I found from Learn Vest. Their info is all about upcycling your seasonal clothes and keeping consistent with that clothes budget you set for yourself.

They say if you stay in the orange, you can make it work for both.

Personally, so pumped about such cool pieces being in the must-haves for this season.

Oranges and golds are a great way to stay warm with your fall wear, and then bring out the sun-kissed goddess once spring and summer come our way.

Athletic? Well, I’m working on that. But I can totally dress the part. Give me yoga pants and a sweatshirt and you can find me in Walmart aisle 6 doing my grocery shopping. Not that kind of athletic? Well- as least it’s fashionable comfort. I’ll take that any day! Designers are all about pairing shappy chic hoodies with fashion forward bottoms (i.e. cute, dark wash, skinny denims with slouchy boots). Yes, please.

And speaking of– BOOTS. No matter what kind- tall, short, suede, leather, stiletto or flat. You know these aren’t going out of style. This are a great way to add some oomph to leggings or the bow-chicka-wow-wow to that fun, flowy summer dress. I’m adding boots onto the list right here and now (banging of the gavel)!!

Because what lady doesn’t know how to rock a good pair of boots?! Fall, winter, spring, summer. I’m all about dressing to the nines… on my own terms. Bring on that winter wear, baby.



On the prowl.

I’m pretty excited to write about another event from this weekend. Just when you think it couldn’t get better with the Christmas Village shopping opportunities, another cool event just took place in Cookeville,TN.

The 11th annual Art Prowl is all about just that: art, art, and more art. The best part? It’s for sale, instruction, and the topic of coffee conversation on the Westside. It kind of makes me fall in love with the small town life even more.  There’s nothing like a good community bond to get those fuzzy, warm holiday feeling of cheer a-churning. Um, can you believe it’s mid-November?!? Yeah, me neither.

Anywho. Since many of our readers are from all over the country, I’m inviting you onto the Magic School Bus for a very special, very insta-travel, very in depth look at Cookeville and this awesome event. You know I had to take pictures for you all! Duh. So gotta teleport you all into this town somehow, right?!

Your journey starts at Sweet Sallie’s, a local café and cupcaketopia, here you’ll receive all your necessary materials to successfully prowl.

Then you’ll follow the yellow brick road. In this case, a sidewalk with pretty yellow signs.

What you’ll see along the way? Clothes, and antiques, and food galore. It’s pretty much a block party.

There’s even a car to celebrate the awesomeness. Imagine the looks from your kids if you picked them up in this puppy.

And bikes!

And the fun doesn’t stop when it gets dark either. Paper bags with votives are lit along the prowl..

To top things off ( as if this wasn’t enough already), demonstrations  are offered on both Friday and Saturday. I’m going to list them, because you won’t BELIEVE how many kinds there are. Check it:



fiber spinning


rug hooking

wheel throwing


performance painting

handbuilding clay

WHOA! Talk about people sharing the love in the art world.

So you wanna move here yet?! : ) I love it when events like this come around. It’s so great that the arts are celebrated as a community. It makes for like the best weekend ever.



A Tea Party. A Rabbit. A girl named Alice.

I’m kind of in love with Lewis Carroll. I mean, Alice in the Wonderland?! Enough said.

I think it’s the little girl in me that dreams of being asked by talking bunny to take a trip to a magical place by dipping into a hole in the ground. It’s the adult in me that dreams of taking a free vacation. It’s the writer in me that wonders how in the world this man out so many awesome things into one book. Amazing. Go, Lewis.

So you know us girls here at Lenny & Eva just had to make an oh-so special sentiment to honor this timeless piece of literature.

This is for the little girl in all of us. The ones who knew this book by heart, and truly believed her fanciful trip would come riding in on a white bunny. Forget the knight and shining armor, give me crumpets and a Tea Party with the mad hatter any day.

I really can’t get enough of fun-inspired Alice things. I actually shot an engagement-themed session centered all around this fairytale magic. I’d love to share it with you : )

This is Dani and Will, and I kind of think they are so adorable. I’m sure you will agree..

I love the rabbit.

If you’d like to see more of my work check out my website here, and to see my latest images check out my Facebook page here.

I had so much fun recreating this. It made me feel like a kid again. It just warmed my heart. Then I get my hands on this awesome sentiment?! Just give me a blue dress, black bow, and a blonde wig. I’m all about some fairytale fun.



Giving some thanks.

It’s easy to go about your busy day and forget all the things you have to be thankful for around you. Even the simple things are hard to keep track of ( I am thankful for coffee!) much less the big things ( I am thankful for my AMAZING family). It seems like once you’re in the groove of the day-to-day work mania, stopping to smell the I’m-SO-lucky roses is quite difficult.

But no more, ladies. It’s time to saysee-ya!” to the stress, and hop on the Thanksgiving bandwagon. It’s time to relax, bond with some cool people, and eat too much. If anyone says ’swimsuit season’, I’m outta here. I kinda love winter and layers for this reason.. My family’s cooking is like whoa. Yeah… we’ll worry about New Year’s resolutions later.

It’s time to be happy this holiday, and you know us- we just couldn’t pass up this big day without some L&E sentiment love.

We know a good reminder has no better place, than right on your wrist..

Be thankful for your man. And if you don’t have a man, replace it with the closest male around ya. Your son, your dad, your dog named “Pete”- whoever it is. Somebody out there loves you! Reason #5762 to be thankful.

Remember life’s too short to race through it. Stop and appreciate how beautiful it really is. Remember to RELAX!

Be thankful for where you are! In a “Go, go, go!” mindset, you’re always thinking about what to do next. This is the perfect self-reminder that you don’t have to go too far to find a little happy.

And this one is probably one of my Thanksgiving favorites. The epitome of appreciating those around you. Perfection.

And last, but not least. Hey, Captain Obvious : YOU ARE ONE LUCKY GAL! There’s so much around that can make you feel blessed and oh-so-lucky. From the pretty weather to the pretty awesome people in your life, you gotta good thing going. Now, time to celebrate it .

Gobble Gobble.



Christmas Village. Nashville, TN

Looking for something to do this weekend? Come see us at the Christmas Village in Nashville, TN!

We are so excited to be a part of the holiday festivities at the Tennessee Fairgrounds this weekend. Our great friends at Magnolia’s Gifts & More got a booth just for Lenny & Eva!  From November 11- 14, the fairgrounds will open its’ doors, and thousands of attendees will be able to get their hands on all kinds of merchandise. From clothing to toys to food to collectibles, over 250 merchants are set up to create a massive Christmas shopping experience.

If you’re like me, a weekend + shopping is one of my all-time favorites. This event is especially shameless, because there’s so many vendors that you could easily knock off lots of names on your Christmas list while still getting a few things for yourself. I mean, what would a real shopping trip be without a little “me, me, me!” action??

The Christmas Village website is chocked full of useful info to make your shopping extravaganza a success. So, be sure to check it out if you are planning to head that way this weekend. Along with times and directions, you can purchase your tickets online and learn about all the merchants attending the event.  It’s totally a must-read before attending.

Please stop by and see our booth in the Vaughn Building, 6-24 under the listing for Magnolia’s Gifts & more, if you’re out that way! I attached some photos below from our booth set up. Fancy, eh?! Yes, pretty much in love with the yarn-wrapped sticks. Can you say budget-friendly decoration d.i.y.? How I do love a cheap way to pretty things up.

Totally in love with everything about this. The booth. The buys. The beginning of the Christmas season! I just can’t get enough of this holiday spirit.



Pink never looked so pretty.

Even though Breast Cancer Awareness month has passed, it doesn’t mean you can’t rock out your pink all year long.

As women, we all know of someone in our lives who has or is being affected by breast cancer. From community walks to simply sporting the color, last month was all about coming together, celebrating our femininity, and joining together for a common support system. It was an extremely awesome time to show all our ladies some love!

In commemoration of such an influential cause, we’ve got some awesome sentiments for girl power..

Pair these sentiments with our braided wraps, thin cuff, or wide cuff for year-round support. Throw it on with a black  braided wrap or gunmetal cuff and pair it with some pink style..

Oh yes.. I feel a  couple of pink inspiration boards coming on!!!!



My first style expedition.

I think my iPhone changed my life. I say this as I just finished flipping through all my cool photos taken on Instagram. I remember first buying this phone, and thinking ” I mean it’s cool, but what’s the big deal?!” Oh boy. I didn’t know what I was in for. This thing has made organization a piece of cake, and it makes some pretty cool pics as well.

Okay side note, for a moment. I always like to share personal stories with you peeps. So, I was hanging out my girl Steph and I was raving about Instagram. I went on and on about how I had just fallen in love with it. She then replied “What’s your name on there? I’ll start following you.” Huh? Following me? I don’t get it.

See, I had been so pumped about having such a cool photo app on my iPhone that I completely disregarded the fact that this was an online photo sharing site. I’m baring all here, folks. It’s not easy to admit you’re behind on technology. But me? Most certainly a few laps slower than the rest here.

She then showed me how to get onto my profile, and I saw I had several people following me. Wow! I felt special and befuddled at the same time. I had nothing incriminating, mind you. All were pretty cool photos: of clothes and my L & E and such. But still!! It’s crazy to think how crazy the internet has become. P.S. Just saw an an iPhone 4s commercial the other day. I need one. The end.

So- if you have Instagram, you are online my friend. Just thought I would share the wisdom with anyone who might be completely oblivious like me. You’re welcome in advance :) .

Okay.. with all that said, back to the blog post at hand. I was looking through my photos on my phone, and found one of my first style expeditions with our products.. check it out.

I love this choker/long necklace combination. As you can see I used two braided wraps, a mojo pendant, and a charm.

I attached the clasps of two separate wraps to the charm, wrapped them around the back of my neck to make the choker, then attached the remaining opposite ends to the mojo pendant. Love, love, love, love, love!! My first style expedition with our products! Even though it was taken a few months ago, I’m still in love with this.

Be looking out for more of these posts in the future. I’ll be brainstorming new ideas for all you  lovely ladies.



Fashion for that pretty head of yours. {style diy}

I’ve been breaking into wearing new things. This blog has inspired me.. to inspire you.. to inspire to be fashion forward. That’s confusing, but I had to share my train of thought!

I’ve always been a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, well in my case a maxi skirt and tank. Ah- so comfortable. I loved accessories, but never really worked them into my outfit. I don’t know why really. I think it’s because I was always rushing from one place to the next, and those last 10 minutes to dedicate to picking out pretty things to adorn myself was just 10 too many.

But when Kellie asked me to start working for Lenny & Eva, things changed.

I started planning out my blogs, and searching for new stuff and ideas to bring to you all. I would see new ways to wear accessories, and  wonder why I wasn’t rockin’ these out.

So I became inspired, and I started layering and wearing all the things that have been sitting in my closet for months and months. I started to be different, and I really began to love it. Now, the days are rare that you won’t see me with a several bracelets/rings/earrings attached.

It’s become a staple in my style, and I’m so pumped about it. : )

All this talk about incorportaing accessories into your style, brings me to my blog for today…

A fashion leap I have yet to take, but have admired so much from afar: Headbands.

I love headbands. I love how they look and how they can add a pop of color without being as cumbersome as a hat. I’ve been checking out some photos of celebs sporting these things, and they look so adorable.

The best part about this all? You can totally turn our braided wraps into one of these awesome pieces.

Take a braided wrap and an elastic hair tie:

Attach both clasps to the hair tie and VIOLÁ! A headpiece masterpiece.

Now go out and rock it my friend, and please send photos if you do. I love seeing my beautiful ladies looking pretty in the latest L&E style diy. xoxo.