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why hello fall..

To me, fall is like that surprise cream filling in a dessert when you weren’t expecting it. I mean I know it’s gonna be beautiful, I know it’s gonna be cooler, but it’s not until it sneaks right up on me that I’m tickled with all these clothes that I have tucked away beneath my bed- long to be forgotten in the steamy days of summer. I wasn’t expecting the multitude of options to layer and boots to rock until just about now- when I need them the most! Perfect timing.

Fashion “suprise cream filling” is better than just about any, I’d say.

I’ve been kind of obsessed with layering, tights, and everything big sweaters. I love the earthy, comfy look of this season’s trends. While I was totally in love with the neon craze this summer, I am a boho-barefooted girl myself and anything neutral has become my best friend.

I wanted to shine a light on Hissy Fit Boutique in Minden, Nebraska today for some photos they shared earlier in the year (pssssssstt…. we really love to see our shops & wearers style away and take pretty pictures to post on Facebook!! All the images we’ve seen have been great, and we are loving them here back at Lenny & Eva, so share away! Just be sure to tag us/ share it on our page so we can see. We just love the l&e love for sure.).

I thought Hissy Fit Boutique showed of the products in an awesome way in their album titled “Love Me Some Lenny & Eva.” To pair these up with some fall fashion would be oh-so-fab, so you know what I did?? I found some inspo pictures for you ladies and tacked em on at the bottom. You should so check it em, and please rock something awesome for us in this chilly weather. Got a camera phone?? Snap a shot and share with us… let’s spread the inspiration love and get to enjoying this beautifully chilly season.



(click on any of the photos below to be redirected for more awesomeness!)

Fringe wrap, charm bracelet, mojo pendant, and a pearl charm:

Charm bracelet and small sentiment with shortie tassle and pearl charm:

Give me those jeans… Now..

I love Free People and their layering ideas:

Simple perfection! Just add a cardigan and you are golden..

another weekend event + festival friendly fashion

You know I’m always down for asking what you awesome readers have in store for the weekend ahead… I mean, who can blame me? Someone said TGIF on a news report this morning, and I was just tickled pink. The weekends do always get me in a good mood- especially the fall ones. I don’t know what it is about spring and fall, but there’s something about these two seasons that gives me a breath of fresh air. The TACA Festival couldn’t have had more perfect timing.

The best news of all? It’s located on the awesome grounds of Centennial Park in Nashville, TN. Yes, you can make a whole day of it! That’s exactly what I thought. Do you mind read for a living?? :)

When it comes to festival finds, I am all about soaking in the art love around some good scenery, and  Centennial has nothing short of it– plenty of grass to lay around in and stuff after you’ve exhausted yourself with all the perusing. Bring a tapestry, your craft buddy, and a good pair of sunnies. You’ve got it made in the shade, my love.

Running from today until Sunday, this event is all about variety- hosting over 200 vendors.. yup! You heard me: 200+!! Strength in numbers.. heck yes. Let’s rock this creative space. From fine art pieces to live demonstrations for the kiddos, these next few days promise a good outing for the fam, your beau, or even an individual just looking to be around some pretty things.

So what are you doing this weekend? Wanna come?

Becauseeeeeeee, you know if you do you might as well do it in fashion, right?  I don’t know about you, but it just gets my brain a-working when I see people putting the artistic vibes out there.

I’ve been seeing all these awesome Lenny & Eva photos on our Facebook page. I love all the designs you guys are rocking and I just had to share. Plus, everyone  loves a little inspo board. So, I’ve attached a few of those as well! Enjoy . : )



barn sale pics and such

So, if you haven’t noticed quite yet, I’m simply obsessed with this barn sale extravaganza held by The Strawberry Patch. It’s the whole ambiance of refurbished antiques that has my heart a-flutter.

With vendors, music, and food galore, this event was a must-see and you betcha bottom dollar that we’ve got some photos to share. If you missed the interview with the barn sale queen, Christy, be sure to check that out here. She’s pretty awesome- I mean, anyone who holds such an amazing shopping event has numero uno dibs in my book.

This barn sale kicked off with a sneak peek that allowed attendees to get a first look at what was in store for the weekend sale; however, Friday and Saturday took the cake on being a blow-out sensation attendee wise. I have to say.. I’m not surprised.. There’s something about TGIF and stores that can make any shopaholic swoon. It’s like payday’s soulmate. Seriously. I love me some weekend shopping.

To say this event was a hit is an understatement. This turnout tripled from the Spring sale, and the masses turned out to get their hands on everything pretty. The finds were getting snatched up quickly, and everyone was enthusiastic about the plethora of vendors awaiting their arrival.

When it comes to setting the ambiance, Christy, is all about creating an atmosphere that speaks to her guests. She requests vendors provide images from previous festivals and fairs to find the perfect cozy, boutique setting. From a vintage camper to adorable antique doors, vendors brought their A-game when it came to creating a comfy feel.

Some notably ah-mazing vendors included Jenny Helm of Olive who was the genius behind the camper mentioned previously. I know, right? Could she be any more creative? With a soft pastel decorating style, Jenny’s finds are clean and refreshing and her booth was undoubtedly a huge hit.

Tracy Collins of Tra Chic enclosed her space with old doors hinged together and then added her custom frames embellished with tin flowers creating a classic farmhouse feel. Tracy used old rusty or chippy pieces for staging purposes which gives her style a unique twist different than any other.

I am so excited to share some photos taken by the wonderful Holly Witcher of Captured by Holly!

May your eyes feast upon all the pretty things.

Happy wednesday my loves… xo

(oh yes, before I go! I must give credit to the creative GENIUS behind it all: Christy Stone! Go girl!- Get on with ya bad self. This event’s pictures speaks for itself. SUCCESS! ;) )



Q & A with the Barn Sale Queen

I’m watching my calender like a hawk. I just can’t wait for this weekend in all of its barn sale glory.

September simply couldn’t begin in a better way.

You may have seen the post last week about The Strawberry Patch and it’s big even t this weekend. If not, you can check it out here.

I’m a little confused how this slipped under my flea market, craft fair, festival radar. But indeed, I just heard about it last week and plopped down at my computer asap to give you guys the good news.

Not only will there be vendors a plenty, they’ll also be entertaining with live music and a bistro to boot. Tunes, tasty treats, and shopping?? Heaven, I say. I was so happy when Christy Sone, The Strawberry Patch owner & Barn Sale Hostess, agreed to answer a couple more in depth questions about all the antqiue goodness this weekned has in store.

As if you already weren’t already sold on it, this will seal the deal.

My Q&A with the Barn Sale Queen:

Seriously flabbergasted that I am just now hearing about this. How many years has this market heaven been going on? Also, what’s your inspiration for the event ?

I started doing the sale in the spring of 2010 in my backyard. Gina bishop, aka Homegirl in Illinois, was my my main inspiration for my sales. I met her at the country living fair in columbus Ohio in the fall of 2009. Her booth was by far the most swoon worthy so I felt compelled to talk to her. I told her about my vision of hosting a sale and she basically said “what the ‘h’ are waiting on? Just do it!” Something about her confidence gave me the confidence I needed to proceed on with my dream..

I follow your Facebook page religiously, I can’t help stalking all your photos you have posting this last few weeks. What kinds of things can people expect to see?

Everything at my sale must be vintage, handmade, or repurposed. I am a huge follower of the “handmade movement” and love to support the “mom and pop” type businesses to include local artisans.  My vendors are as local as Lafayette, Tn and come as far as Florida to participate in my sale. You will find funky and shabby chic furniture, art, handmade soaps and jams, picture frames embellished with old ceiling tin, custom light fixtures, chic handmade clothing, pottery, jewelry and the list goes on and on…

You have such a variety on board for this event, how many vendors are you expecting this year?

Approximately 30 vendors this show.

I saw you have some food in store for guests at your barn sale bistro? What kind of tasty treats await us?

Two of my vendors will offering gourmet type soups, salads, and sandwiches (Everyday gourmet + Beth Page and The Chocolate Covered Strawberry- both are located in Hendersonville). Loweries BBQ Will also be at the sale serving the most tasty BBQ. My best friend’s cupcakes will be there, and she will be  serving tasty treats!

I kind of melted when I read live music. I am a barefoot and Bonnaroo kind of gal myself, so anything I can dance to is just peachy. What acts will you have performing this weekend?

If you like Bonnaroo, I think you will especially enjoy Isabel Ward and Greg Rausch… Two young hippy folks with my kinda style, they are sure to grab your ear! Rik Garcia, who is an unbelievable entertainer who was there Thursday night for the sneek peak .  Music creates a relaxing atmosphere and has been with me since I first started. Carrie Moeller will be a The Strawberry Patch on Saturday.  She brings a folkish/country vibe to the sale. I can’t wait to hear them all!

I know it’s gotta be hard to pick, but what’s your favorite part about hosting this barn sale?

Honestly, My favorite part about  hosting the sale is being under one roof with so many talented peeps. My best friends are a part of my sale and I always look forward to seeing them and spending time with them. So much inspiration can be gained by being around other artsy folk!

Last but certainly not least, why will this weekend at the barn sale be a must-see? I’m already smitten, but just curious about your Barn Sale Queen opinion.

If you like one of a kind, original pieces, this is a sale you don’t wanna miss. I feel I have the most talented vendors in the area offering original goods at an affordable price. I like to think of my sale as a social event- a place where you can put on your fancy boots, your fancy face, load up with your fancy friends,  head out to the farm where you will find yummy food, a relaxing atmosphere and loads of loot to take home!

Want to see some  photos from what you can expect to see??? Click here!

In case you missed it the first time, details!

See you there?!



Weekend plans? Check out The Strawberry Patch Barn Sale.

Happy hump day! Let the countdown to this weekend begin. Besides just being super stoked about TGIF, I am so excited about an event coming up in about a week!! Have plans? If not, you should totally check out The Strawberry Patch Barn Sale in Hartsville, TN. Think craft fair meets flea market meets antique store.

I know, right? Could it be any more awesome?? Don’t think so. This thing is legit, and you know I’m gonna be losing some sleep waiting to shop at this.

Lately I have been kind of obsessed with refurbished goodness, it’s like my love for antiques got a facelift and I’m just smitten with everything old and diy. This whole event is all about that, and if you even spend two seconds on their Facebook page you’ll fall in love. Along with posting photos galore, they also feature cool stores that are remade vintage awesomeness.

This event starts Thursday September 6th at its very special sneak peek starting at 4 p.m. and running until 7p.m., but if you can’t make it they’ll also be open Friday September 7 from 10a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday September 8 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Wanna read more about this? Check out their Facebook page or blog for directions and additional information.

You know I’m gonna have my camera in tow. Be expecting some some photo love for sure.



My new store obsession: Savant Vintage {Nashville, TN}

Ever since my big move to this oh-so awesome city, I have been working like crazy, and haven’t had much time to explore  the antique finds I knew awaited me in the corner shops that I would spot on my way to the grocery store. I couldn’t help but staring at all the eye candy these antique stores would set outside of their shops.

“What a tease!” I screamed at my steering wheel, as I tried to recompose myself and locate my grocery list. I promised myself that one day… one day.. I’d spend the afternoon looking around and finally getting to revel in the Nashville vintage scene.

Well, this past Saturday was my day. I took a trip with my girl Mollie, and we had a blast. As we moseyed along 12th Ave in West Nashville, we stumbled upon on of the greatest finds I have seen yet. You know me and my vintage, that means a lot!!

Savant Vintage is must-see if you are on that side of town. Seriously. I took two steps in, got greeted by the lady at the counter, and immediately told her I was already in love and hadn’t even shut the door behind me .

Not only do they have TONS of clothes (for men and women), they have boots galore, bags a million, and enough belts to make your heart swoon. The upstairs is just as cool: vintage tees, leather jackets, and old school button ups that would totally make your man happy if he loves vintage too.

Because I know my words can only show a small amount of the awesomeness, I’ve got photos to share!

Thanks to Savant Vintage for the BEST vintage experience eva! I’ll be back asap.



August & all its awesome days.

I’m kicking off this super steamy summer month, and I am just thrilled to be welcoming such an awesome one into my agenda for 2012.

Listening to Feist, I’m staring out my window and loving everything about this stupendous season. I find a hard time believing it’s already this far into the year. I think Mr. Time must have gotten a new pair of wings, cause he is a-flying. Like crazy.

I just wanted to share a little style inspiration for you Lenny & Eva ladies today. I absolutely love the idea of layering solids this year and then topping them with lots of eclectic accessories.

A big hug goes out to my girl Bev for posing!  My favorite part about this outfit?? The L & E, of course!! Second fav? That sweet bandanna she’s used as a belt.

Fashion diy and some rockin’ products to just bring all this must-have summer look together.

You know my favorite way to celebrate anything… holidays, weekends, new summery seasons…. is to write up a little post for all the colorful pretty things: clothes, sentiments, and everything pretty.

August, you’re looking might fine. Let’s be besties.



Our girl, Jordan.

We’ve got some mad love for each other here at Lenny & Eva. What can I say?! Accessories bring people together, and girl– you know there’s no shortage of that around this place.

Chances are, if you’re one of our retailers, you may have spoken with this pretty lady via telephone. As cute as her southern accent,  she’s got such an awesome personality and always has a smile on her face. When she told me she was expecting a little one and needing some photos, you know I was down like Charlie Brown.  A couple + an adorable belly to match? I was like super stoked.

I wanted to share some of the images with you all, not only because we love our girl Jordan… but WE’RE SO STINKIN’ EXCITED!! I can’t wait to see her little girl, and welcome a new female into the Lenny & Eva family. Eeeek! Girl power.  ( If you’d like to see the rest of her images, check out the full blog post here!)

Speaking of some Lenny & Eva, can your spot her in the photos? You know we styled something special for every outfit. Like, duh. Accessories + a couple + an adorable belly? The equation just got so much sweeter….



Loving this red, white, and blue holiday.

I think if there’s anything I love more than blogging about fashion.. it must be blogging about *HOLIDAY* fashion. Notice my asterisks- small fireworks!! Since my emoticon library is limited, I can’t do anything crazy like the virtual exploding ones I’ve received in intense chain, forwarded emails. But you get my drift, right? I’m a simple girl. An easy “tap,tap” and that festive note above just works perfectly to excite me for tomorrow’s fun: cookouts, sunbathing, and Route 44 Rasberry Sweet Tea. Wanna come to my house? I don’t have a Sonic, but good gracious I hope they’re open tomorrow.

I simply just don’t know what I would do without Happy Hour on such a fun day. I need my gi-normous drink fix asap. You just gotta have a 44 poolside. It should be a law or something.

Another law to be enstated?! Being oh-so-fashionista tomorrow. That’s a must!

Whether you’re in a your swimwear or rocking out an adorable maxi, being cute while  staying cool is the perfect way to turn your holiday into a little mini vaca. Going to a 4th  party and need some delicious goodies to make? Oh girl, you know I love my treats. I’ve included some ideas below for ya, too. Fashion and food?! Yes sir.

You know me and my colored inspired photos.. I couldn’t help but share:

Check out this adorable red, white, and blue ombre look. Seriously. So adorable!

And this delicious Fourth of July treat!

Strawberries+ Fruit Dip+ Blue Decorating Sugar ( In the baking aisle!)

Annnnd another cute nail idea.. ugh. I’m freaking out over these. This plus that last design has me dying for another set of hands. Seriously. I need more fingers.

I need shorts like this. ASAP.

One word: YuuuuuuuuMMMMMMMMM! I mean one really long word. My mouth is watering. I think I’m making every one of these for tomorrow.

And I just really like this picture… a whole whole lot.

Inspo photos make me wanna dance.

Have fun tomorrow all you Lenny & Eva ladies! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA <3



Porter Flea, Where have you been all my life?!

Yes, the exclamatory excitement of love above is 100% truth. Oh my oh my. Was I smitten or was I smitten?

Let’s get serious here. I’ve got a major heart palpitation and I need to talk about it.

When I walked up in this place, whoa… wait .. wait…wait…

Let’s start from the beginning, Starbucks in hand and Danika Patrick behind the wheel (I’m new in the city driving scene, so I’m on my steering wheel like white on rice. Learning the ropes and trying to hang with you metropolitans.) I paralled park into my space. Yup… you heard me . Paralled!

I walked up to this awesome market venue, and passed this adorably cute sign. P.S. Porter Flea, I love your graphic design and such. So freakin’ sweet.

As soon as I moseyed into this place, I couldn’t pick which booth I wanted to go to first. They were everywhere! The room was filled with amazingly artistic people and the best part was that they were there to share their stuff, talk creativity, and meet other left-brained Nashvillians. Even the people milling around between the booths had their own sense of style and fashion flair. I loved it. Seriously think I feel in love with Nashville that day.

You just have to see the awesomeness to believe it.

Oh the eye candy that lay before me.

Oh the vintage.

Oh the *ouch ouch* what is that?? OUCH! My pocket was on fire. My money was burning a hole in there. I loved this place, but I knew the lover of vintage + fashionista in me would not make it long here. I had to be pick.

But the options were aplenty. With clothes, accessories, house goods, art work, fabric stampings, custom shirt making, poster sales, even custom invitations… this place was a heaven for just about anyone I believe. Pretty much.. it rocked.

Don’t worry if you missed it! There’ll be another one this fall. Check out the Porter Flea webpage to keep up to date on when: You can find that link by clicking here.

Also, I found a soul sister to Lenny & Eva. It’s Little Things Studios, and boy does she have some awesome quote work + crazy prints to decorate your home! We know you ladies love some quotes! Check her out here.

Loved her display!!

Even as I was leaving, I left with a “WOW!” This light fixture kind of rocked my world. What a day!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!